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Registration form registration-for-social-skills-classes-feb-26-april-2 Registration is now open for our next sessions of Mindful Thinking for Social Expectation classes! For some students, obtaining and utilizing good social skills do not come naturally. They move through their environment having a difficult time communicating and understanding more than just direct language-based interactions. For example, good social skills include sharing space with others and learning to regulate one’s own behavior to other people’s thoughts or expectations as well as using your whole body to understand what people are “saying” around you. For some students, these skills need to be taught. We are offering two different sessions, each with a specific focus. We believe that empowering the parent/guardian is equally important in teaching social skills to a child. Please plan on staying for the parent session of your child’s class to learn what your child is learning and how to help your child at home. Teacher letters will be handed out during each parent class for you to share with your child’s teacher. The letters help connect what your child is learning to his/her school environment. All classes are held at 9700 Research Drive, Suite 132, Charlotte, NC 28262. The total cost for a six-week session is $225.00. To register, fill out the registration form  and e-mail it to us at  Each group will have no more than 5 students so we can practice "thinking" about thinking as well as individualize for each child.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us! You may be interested in reading about who could benefit from a social skills class here Who Benefits From Social Skills Classes? and Social Learning  

Session 1: Theory of Mind and Executive Functioning

Following the Theory of Mind philosophy, students will learn how to think about what other people are thinking and how to integrate those skills into inferencing, decision making, and other executive functioning skills. This group is designed for grades 1st-3rd.  However, if you have a younger or older child that you feel may fit in this group, please contact us.  There are times a slightly older or younger child will be a good match.  This 1st-3rd grade group meets from 3:00-4:00.


Session 2: Learning self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-control to make positive shifts in behaviors.

Following the Think Social! model, children and parents will learn  the differences between self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-control. Each child will choose a personal behavior goal and learn tools to help create a shift in awareness and behaviors. The K-2nd grade group meets from 4:00-5:00 and the 3rd-5th grade group meets 5:00-6:00.

Have questions if our social skills classes would be a good fit for you and your child? Send us an e-mail and we'll connect! We would be happy to answer any questions or tell you more about the structure of our group! Our e-mail is registration-picture-wm With Appreciation, Christina and Wendy