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Do you know that we have written over 55 posts?  There is a lot of great information on our website but we are still navigating an easier way for you to find it.  For now, if you go to our homepage and scroll down slightly you will see a sidebar on the right hand side that says "Archives."   August through January will be listed.  When you click on a specific month, the posts that we have made during that time will be listed. For August, we have written information on knowing your forms, differences between 504s and IEPs, what to do if your child is struggling in school.  Here are a couple of direct links from August 504 and IEP’s: What’s the difference? and Know Your Forms-Referral For Help In September, you can access posts about how to make connections with students, resources for schools, and our mission.  Here are a couple of direct links to September's posts  Please Don’t Say “It Will Be Okay” and Know Your Forms-IEPs When you browse through October's posts, you will find information on how to teach our children to be includers, what can you do if your Team doesn't agree on a decision in a meeting, what schools can't tell you in meetings, and who benefits from social skills classes.  Here are a couple of direct links Who Benefits From Social Skills Classes? and Executive Functioning Skills November we introduced our Middle School OTB (outside of the box) Club and wrote details about what and how to perform a Functional Behavioral Analysis.  You can find those here Middle Schoolers OTB (Outside The Box) Club and Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) In December, we wrote about the importance of assuming positive intent first Assume Positive Intent, school choices in North Carolina School Choice and how to formally request an evaluation from your child's public school Requesting an Evaluation. Also, as you browse through past posts, you will find photography paired with inspirational quotes.  We also offer a free monthly parent/ guardian class on understanding the components to an IEP.  We are excited to be hosting a Mindfulness class taught by Maria Hartemann once a month. Our six week session of social skills classes begin this upcoming Sunday. All monthly events are listed under the tab "Upcoming Events" at the top of our website. Check us out on FB as well! We are trying to "go live" once a week with answering questions that have been e-mailed to us.  Do you have a topic that you would like to hear more about? Send us an e-mail at  We love connecting with you! With Appreciation, Christina and Wendy hummingbird-zentangle